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A Tale of Three Pitchers

Posted by The Right Reverend on February 10, 2006

There are 3 pitching prospects that have come out of my home town of St. Charles, 3 pitchers who were toiling on mounds in high school while I was likely at home watching Ricki Lake, The Cosby Show and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air reruns, or goofing off with my high school chums doing God knows what. (Yes, I admit it, I watched Ricki Lake!)

One was Steve Colyer, who led Fort Zumwalt South High School to a 2nd place finish in the State Championship. He was highly scouted, hitting high nineties on radar guns. Colyer ended up being a 2nd round draft pick with the Dodgers in 97 after one year of Meramec Community College. He only pitched 16 games with the Dodgers in 2003 as a reliever, and in 2004 pitched 41 games with the Tigers in the same role, with not much effectiveness. (6.47 ERA) He’s now an NRI with the Rockies.

The other is current Cardinal NRI Dennis Tankersley. Tankersley, who embodies the acronym TINSTAPP (there is no such thing as a pitching prospect!) pitched for St. Charles High and Meramec CC also. Drafted in 98 in the 38th round by Boston, he was traded to San Diego and was striking out minor league batters at a high rate. But since then, he’s been undone by off the field issues and control problems. He is 1-10 in his MLB career, pitching 86 innings with a 7.61 ERA.

The third was Mark Buehrle, who attended Francis Howell North, and went on to pitch for Jefferson Junior College, where he was a third team NCJAA All American. He wasn’t drafted until the 38th round in 98, but went through the White Sox system quickly and made his MLB debut on 7/16/00. He’s been a Cy Young candidate and the ace of the White Sox ever since.

Thinking back, Colyer was the one who was the most sought after out of high school of the 3.

Point? Well, other then hometown pride, these 3 further prove the TINSTAPP theory. All three at one time where either highly recruited or praised as top prospects for their organization.

6/10 of Cardinal top prospects as hailed by Baseball America are pitchers. While it’s obvious that Anthony Reyes deserves recognition, I wouldn’t get too excited about Mark McCormick or Nick Webber just yet.

And I also wouldn’t hold my breath that Tankersley will suddenly fix his problems in Memphis, either.


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