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Scott Spiezio auditions for new gig

Posted by The Right Reverend on February 21, 2006

I was away from my computer this weekend, so I missed Scott Spiezio accepting an NRI. I’m not sure he’s here because his dad was a Cardinal or if David Eckstein vouched for his ex-Rally Monkey teammate, but I do hope Spiezio can bounce back and revive his career here in St. Louis. (On a side note, a little “did you know?” trivia. Did you know David Eckstein, Adam Kennedy, and Scott Spiezio made their acting debut on the TV series, She Spies? What! You never heard of She Spies?Granted, he was terrible in every sense in Seattle, but in his defense he was suffering through injuries, not to mention go through a mid-life crisis of sorts, divorcing his wife, quitting the hard rock band he was in, Sandfrog, and getting a tattoo of his new girfriend on his arm. (The tattoo opens a can of worms for me. First of all, what happens if it doesn’t work out? How do you explain that if you decide to marry someone else? Or if you do marry her and have kids, how will your kids feel about a picture of mom stripping on your arm? Plus, those muscles are going to fade away some day, along with the girlfriend’s sexiness.)But I digress. I for one am rooting for the guy. We’re hearing a lot about Rolen’s improving health, and thank God we are. But Spiezio is adds a little insurance for Rolen. He can also play second, first and both corner outfield positions. And he’s a switch-hitter. That kind of versatility is something La Russa loves to have around, and maybe having him in camp this spring will quell this talk of Aaron Miles making the team just because he’s a switch-hitter.In spite of his rock-star image and his horrific last 2 seasons in Seattle, I personally feel more comfortable with him then the likes of Brian Daubach, Deivi Cruz or Aaron Miles. My hunch is he’s over his injuries and other troubles, and he’s my pick to make the team out of the NRI group along with Jeff Nelson.  



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