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Sickels Ranks Cardinal Prospects

Posted by The Right Reverend on February 26, 2006

Check out the Top 20 list here.

Over at vivaelbirdos lboros poses the question on which prospect is most intriguing to you? lboros likes Cody Haerther, and I agree, he is very intriguing. He hit well in AA last year, and I could see him making it to the show pretty soon. Sickels ranks him very high, #3 on the list behind Reyes and Colby Rasmus and gives him a B+. His minor league line is a solid .316/.373./.488

But the prospect that intrigues me the most is Nick Stavinoha. I thought I was getting overly giddy about him, but Sickels has him #7 on his list, and gives Stavinoha a B-. That’s quite a bit higher than what Baseball America or ranked him.

Stavinoha was drafted out of college last season in the 7th round. He was quite the slugger at LSU last season, hitting 18 homeruns with a batting average of .370 and an OPS of 1.085. His success carried over in Low Class A Quad Cities, hitting .344/.962 with 14 home runs. That’s a heck of a year when combining both college and pro.  What’s also an outstanding number combined between LSU and Quad Cities is his low K totals. In 507 AB’s, Stavinoha only fanned 45 times.

The reason some scouts aren’t as high on him is he’s not the most athletic looking player (6’2, 225, converted from catcher to outfield) and he’s going to be 24 this May. Haerther will be just 23 this season, and he’s already been successful at the AA level.

So I understand some of the doubts, but I think he can move quickly. Maybe one of the reasons I’m so high on him is that late last August I got to see him play when the Swing came to town to face the local Cedar Rapids Kernels. Stavinoha went 3-for-5 with a walk, 3 RBI’s and homerun that night. Everything he hit, whether it was the single or the homerun, was hit hard. He didn’t just dink in a single in the outfield or slap a grounder up the middle past the shortstop, he smacked liners across the field.

Personally, I wouldn’t be suprised to see Stavinoha only last at Palm Beach a month before he gets promoted (if they start him there), and I also wouldn’t be suprised to see him in Memphis at season’s end.  


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