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Uni Debut-Rincon Arrives

Posted by The Right Reverend on February 28, 2006


Ricardo Rincon finally arrived to camp, nearly 2 weeks late. The lefty tried to smooth things over with Tony.

“I talked to Tony and he’s happy now.” Rincon said.  La Russa sounded less then amused. “He has been working, but there’s a difference between throwing to friends at home and our guys in camp.” Word is La Russa will try and talk Rincon out of playing for Mexico in the World Baseball Classic.

What is it with Tony and lefty relievers the last 3 years? Steve Kline gave him the finger later in the season in 04, Ray King pouted and vented his frustrations to the media last year during the playoffs. Both are now elsewhere. Now Rincon seems to have already drawn the ire of the skipper before even a spring training game has been played.

Oh, well. I’m sure things will calm down, but Rincon would be wise to forego the WBC. If it weren’t for the 2 year deal, I would almost wonder if Rincon would lose his job to Tyler Johnson or even Carmen Cali.



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