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Suppan tosses BP to Mets, other stuff.

Posted by The Right Reverend on March 3, 2006

Well, XM Radio said they would have the game broadcast, but I guess they lied. Oh, well. Apparently I missed Jeff Suppan throw the Mets bp.  I know it’s only spring training, and pitchers especially are allowed to look like crap in their first couple of outings. 

Last year Soup was steady Eddie, providing consistently good starts and posting a 16-10 record with a 3.57 ERA.  That ERA was quite a difference from his career ERA (4.66) and much different from his season’s fielding independent ERA, (4.52). Of course, it helps a pitcher like Suppan considerably to have a great defense behind him, and the Cardinals certainly had that last year. And with Scott Rolen returning to health, the infield should again be good. From what I hear from most stat heads, Junior Spivey is better with the leather then what most scouts will tell you, and hopefully he can stay healthy.

While I’m not too worried about Suppan, I don’t think he’s going replicate his 2005 success. I think he can beat his ZiPS projection (12-13, 4.52 ERA) behind that great defense, but I would be suprised if his ERA ends up in the 3’s.

I am also a little worried about him losing his “word of the day” gig, because word is the WB-11’s Cardinal broadcaster Bob Carpenter is leaving for the Nats. I actually sort of liked the chemistry he and Rick Horton have together in the broadcast booth and I’d be a little dissappointed if he does go. I can’t blame the guy for wanting more work though. Hopefully, his replacement and Rick Horton can still work in the Jeff Suppan “word of the day”.

While I’m on the the subject of the pitching rotation, (sorta) the P-D has a piece on overcooked pitching prospect Adam Wainwright. While the battle for the 5th spot has been seen as a battle between Ponson and Reyes, Wainwright has emerged, receiving high praise from Dave Duncan.

“If the three weren’t even, coming into spring training, they are even now,” Duncan said after watching Wainwright’s impressive throwing session Wednesday.

Wainwright will be following his fellow golfing buddy Mark Mulder in Sunday’s game, and it will be interesting to see how he does.


2 Responses to “Suppan tosses BP to Mets, other stuff.”

  1. cards4life said

    how about bob ramsey as a replacement for horton on the wb11 broadcast. ramsey is great, i think he is a perfect fit for the job!

  2. If I’d had my way this winter, we’d have traded Marquis for an outfield bat (a la Wilkerson et al) and given the Nos. 4 and 5 slots to Wainwright and Rapture Reyes.

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