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Ponson one ups Reyes, broadcaster carousel continues

Posted by The Right Reverend on March 5, 2006

Neither Ponson nor Reyes was very good today, but I’d chalk this game up as a victory for Ponson in the battle for the 5th starter spot. For the most part, his stuff was there, he just made a couple of mistakes, as in the HBP and the hanging slider to Reggie (I got my v-neck sweater at) Abercrombie. Reyes on the other hand seemed really hittable and like he didn’t have his stuff. It kind of stinks, because though he may be the bigger talent, games like can leave impressions with the skipper.

Another Cardinal making his debut today wasn’t on the field, but in the broadcast booth alongside Mike Shannon. John Rooney made his Cardinal radio debut, and after listening to the game, and overall I felt he did a great job. He and Shannon seem to have a pretty good chemistry, much more then what he had with Wayne Hagin. It will take some time for Rooney to get familiar with the team, but I think the Cardinals found their man.  

Speaking of Wayne Hagin, he’s back with the Cardinals. Bob Carpenter bolted for the Nationals, and it looks like Wayne will join Rickey Horton on the WB-11 television broadcasts. Sort of strange after the Cardinals unceremoniously dumped him for John Rooney this winter. I’m not a big Hagin fan, because the man seemingly hasn’t much personality, but I must admit when Horton was filling in for Shannon last year on the radio, the two seemed to compliment each other. I’m not sure how Hagin will work on TV, but if all else fails I can always mute the TV and turn up the radio.


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