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The Good Son

Posted by The Right Reverend on March 15, 2006

Well, Dave Duncan’s son Chris continues to make a case for himself in spring training, hitting another homerun against the Yankees. Thus far Dunc is hitting .325/.400/.725 with 4 homeruns. But Tony LaRussa has already said that young Dunc is going back to Memphis to learn to play the outfield, so he won’t be on the 25 man roster….yet.

Dunc is an interesting animal. He was a first round supplemental pick; though he had to have been a reach and there seems to be at least some nepotism happening there. Not to say the guy doesn’t have talent, but remember, this is the same Cardinals picked Wilfrido Pujols in the 6th round, who hadn’t even hit all that well in High School, as well as AJ Van Slyke (who I actually find quite intriguing), and Jesse Schoendiest last year, as well as they carried around Tom Herr’s son in AA for a year.  Seems like anyone with the right family name will get a look by the Cardinals.

Inexplicably, the Cardinals carried around another coaches’ son, Cody McKay for too long in 2004. But unlike McKay, Chris has talent and in the last two seasons, he has taken a leap, and it’s not completely out of the realm of possibility that starting with this spring, he’s taking another leap. If so, the Cardinals could have a solid hitting left fielder as early the All-Star break, and a feel good father and son story along the lines of the Griffeys and the Ripkens. Okay, maybe not that feel good, but it’s still pretty cool.  

On a side note, speaking of interesting animals, the skipper/vegetarian/animal lover Tony LaRussa is now blogging to create more of an awareness of his Animal Rescue Foundation. Be sure to check out the ARF blog.  


One Response to “The Good Son”

  1. matty fred said

    So far I feel like Chris Duncan’s success in ST has been the best story out of Florida for the Cards. I think it’s reasonable to predict that someone in the Cards’ starting outfield will miss a good chunk of time in ’06; here’s hoping Duncan puts his time in at Memphis to polish his fielding skills in time for the eventual call-up.

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