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A tear in my green beer for Anthony

Posted by The Right Reverend on March 17, 2006

Sorry to be a bit of a bummer on St. Patrick’s day, but at least according to one Bernie Miklasz, Sir Sidney Ponson is going to be the fifth starter in the rotation.


It’s already been determined internally.

The rest is just posturing to keep him focused and locked in and determined to “prove” himself. They don’t want big Sid (or the fans for that matter) to think they’re handing him something. They want him to earn it.

As one poster on the board noted on that board already, this isn’t much of a real competition if all the while the Cards were planning on handing it to Ponson. This was already becoming apparent with the Cardinals strange handling of Reyes, insisting he learn to throw the two-seam fastball. While I agree it would be great for Reyes curtail his fly-ball tendencies, the handling of Reyes (and Wainwright for that matter) is frustrating to say the least. Everyone in the world of baseball can tell you that Anthony Reyes is the most talented pitcher in the Cardinal system, or roster for that matter, outside of Carpenter of course, but somehow the club isn’t convinced. Maybe they should just trade Anthony for some other more expensive “proven veteran” as they did with Dan Haren, and watch him blossom elsewhere.

If I were Anthony, I would almost hope it would happen, as I would’ve been fed a lie that I was in the mix for a job that the team never planned on giving me in the first place.

Sorry for the frustrated tone, and I’m not saying the season is over, Ponson could be a decent 5th starter, and a cheap one at that. Sure, his last two seasons look like total crap, but so far at least he looks focused and has pitched well this Spring. I just hate it how the Cardinals squelch young talent in the name of experience, even if that experience has been mediocre at best.

Well, at least we will have depth in the case of an injury. 3 straight seasons of all 5 starters staying healthy all season would be amazing, and very unlikely.


6 Responses to “A tear in my green beer for Anthony”

  1. Murrel said

    I never did like the Ponson signing for this very reason. With Reyes and Wainwright both seemingly ready this year, I wanted to get them in there and see what they can do. With such a number of pitchers likely to leave for FA next year, having Reyes & Wainwright with some MLB experience would be helpful. Besides – I have a good feeling about both young men and think they will do just fine.

  2. CalvinPitt said

    I agree that Ponson can be a fine no. 5 starter for us. The problem is, that’s pretty much all he can be. At best, he could get to the level Suppan has been at the last couple of years. As you noted Reyes has the talent to be a top-of-the-rotation guy, and I think wainwright could be a no. 2, or at least an no. 3. Unfortunately, Tony and Dunc rarely trust younger pitchers. Which is why we waste money on the likes of Ponson and Rincon, and trade multiple good young players for a Mulder.

    Short-term, I think the team will be fine with Ponson. Long-term, I think the organization is shooting itself in the foot because you make these other starters, who are young, talented, and most importantly, cheap, feel unwanted, so that’s it’s unlikely we’d have any shot at retaining them when that day came.

  3. Being Dutch I think it would be great to have Ponson as the 5th starter. You and the others make very good points though…

  4. […] Let’s see… I’ve almost forgotten who’s on our team. I understand that El Sid has all but locked up the No. 5 spot in the rotation. The Rev. Redbird has a wonderfully crabby, 26th Man-esque post about how he thinks the competition for said slot was not quite on the level. … The Red Crush tries to shoot down the Miguel Cabrera rumors. Yeah, the post is a week old; I told you I’ve been busy. It’s still a good read. […]

  5. […] status (a full no-trade clause? For Sidney Ponson? Are you kidding me?). This was a competition rigged from the start in favor of the unassailable veteran who keeps the ball on the ground and doesn’t strike […]

  6. […] This seems eerily reminiscent of the competition for the same spot during the 2006 spring training. If you’ll recall, it was old friend Anthony Reyes, Adam Wainwright and Sir Sidney Ponson going at it in what turned out to be a rigged competition. […]

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