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Reyes seals his fate

Posted by The Right Reverend on March 21, 2006

Word is Reyes is moving to AAA regardless of his rough outing today against the Braves, but allowing 2 homeruns by leaving the ball up didn’t help impress the manager.

I’m sure it just proved LaRussa’s point, which is too bad, because while it would be better to get K’s and ground balls, a la Chis Carpenter, but you don’t have to do both to be a good pitcher. Just ask John Patterson, Noah Lowry, Jason Schmidt, Johan Santana, etc. All have high k’s along with high fly ball ratios. For now it looks certain to be Carpenter (who hasn’t allowed an run in 16) and 4 soft-tossing ground-ballers. That isn’t terrible given our defense, but it doesn’t thrill me either. Especially if we’re missing a second baseman. Why no Tony Graffinino?

Well, we have a problem. Benes, Voyles, Falkenborg, Hancock and Nelson haven’t given up an earned run. So far Hancock and Falkenborg seem to be the favorites, but Benes is a favorite of LaRussa and I wouldn’t be suprised him to replace Cal Eldred. Apparently Al Reyes has signed a minor league deal with Tampa Bay. Huh. Good luck to Reyes, apparently he’s improving quickly from his surgery.   

Update your blog roll, the 26th Man has moved. And there is a new Cardinal blog out there, the Progeny of Pagnozzi. The Progeny describes itself as “St. Louis Cardinals Baseball Blog, The Home of the Arch Athenaeum. Cardinals News, Stats, Sabermetrics, Commentary, Analysis…” Sounds interesting.

I’ll finally have a computer this week, so I won’t be stuck with mooching off my relative’s dial up when I can, and I hope to step things up a little bit here. Stay tuned.


6 Responses to “Reyes seals his fate”

  1. Doug Greene said

    You know, what many people have failed to acknowledge during this whole Ponson vs. Reyes debate is the simple fact that Ponson has outpitched young Reyes this spring. Isn’t it great to have both guys? Ponson for now, and Reyes for the future? I believe a trade is coming, either Suppan or Marquis. that will free up another pitching spot on the 25 man roster.

  2. Gene said

    I’d call Ponson a groundballer, but not necessarily a soft tosser. He can get it up there at 92 consistently, and 94-95 on occasion.

  3. Chris said

    I think the right move was made in sending Reyes down. He made no case in challenging Sid for the 5th spot. I’m hoping the trade rumors swirling around won’t come to fruition and we’ll have him ready for the rotation next year.

  4. The Right Reverend said

    He made no case because the brass was stuck on forcing him to throw the 2 seamer, a pitch he’s not as familiar with. I’ll take A Reyes overall talent over Ponson’s trial size spring any day.

    Ponson will be passable, but he’s not going to put us over the top. While it’s arguable Reyes would’ve either, he at least has the talent to. (imo)

  5. The Right Reverend said

    oh, and Ponson maybe able to bring 92 mph heat, but he isn’t k’ing more then 5 per 9. That puts him in the soft tosser category pretty much.

  6. Valatan said


    I’m fine letting reyes spend a bit of time in AAA, coming up in August, and then making the postseason roster–give the opposing playoff scouts a little less time to see him, and still giving him two months with the big club to get used to pitching at a ML level.

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