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It’s official

Posted by The Right Reverend on March 24, 2006

And it has been for over 24 hours, but the Right Reverend is having trouble getting online and is bumming off his in-laws. (like a total goon.) But it’s official-Sidney Ponson won the fifth starter job, big freakin’ suprise. I don’t mind the fact that they want to see if Anthony Reyes can pitch more innings, as he has that injury question mark hanging over his head. What I don’t like is they think because he’s a extreme fly ball guy, he can’t succeed yet in the majors.

It seems as if the tone with LaRussa and Duncan is that because he’s not like the rest of the staff, he doesn’t belong. Look at the staff-Mulder, Marquis, Suppan, and Ponson. They all are very similiar. (Forgive me for being reduntant about this.) They each get around 50% or more ground balls, they each only k around 4 or 5 per 9 innings, they each walk around 2 or 3 per nine. Mulder is the best out of that group at keeping the ball on the ground and in the ballpark. But pitchers like this don’t usually forecast to do much better then throw for an ERA of 4 or more and are very dependent on their defenses. That’s not a bad thing neccessarily. That’s fine if the Cards can continue to field with excellence, and it’s fine if they can score 5 runs a game on average. They should be able to, but hopefully no bad “if’s” happen. And while it’s fine to have a solid staff of guys who can eat innings and keep you in a game usually, it’s nice to have more then just one dominator.

At least Adam Wainwright looks like he may earn a bullpen job, good for him. Thought it looks as if Wainwright fits the mold. His 7 k’s per nine translate (according to BP) to around 5 per 9 in the Show, and he walks around 2-3 per nine. He can get a grounder around 45% of the time, so no wonder the team loves him. He should be able to step right in next year for Suppan or Marquis without missing a beat.

The one exception is of course Carpenter, who can get grounders and strike guys out. He’s a dominator. Reyes is a dominator, and if he can learn the sinker, he will be a Cardinal for a long, long time, and the Cardinals would have quite the 1-2 punch. If he can’t, however, I’m afraid he will still be a dominator, though wearing another jersey, all for a LaRussian fetish, which albeit wise, can be taken to an extreme and cause you to pass over the great for the decent.



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