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Sorry, Uh No

Posted by The Right Reverend on March 24, 2006

Well, I step away from the computer for a couple of days, and when I return I find at the P-D rumors of Marquis for Soriano. Or if not rumors, at least some speculation on the part of Joe Strauss. This was written the day before Soriano finally agreed to play left field the next day against the Cardinals, in which he doubled off the usually alert David Eckstein.

I’m not sure the Nats are still willing to trade him. I’m not sure Soriano is very happy being moved to left field. I’m not sure the Cardinals are even interested. I’d be shocked if they were, as all the tell tale signs are out on what kind of a player Soriano is.

In Arlington-.315/.355/.656 Away from the hot air-.224/.265/.639. He’s also the worst fielding second basemen in baseball, and it’s no wonder the Nats want him to play left field. (It is a wonder, however, they expect him to hit at RFK.) Manning second base for this grounder staff would only further expose his liablities. With his legs and his bat he may be able to create 90 or more runs in a Cardinal uni, (and that’s discounting his atrocious road #’s) but he could lose 30 of them trying to play second base, making him an expensive pain in the arse.


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