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I don’t miss this guy

Posted by The Right Reverend on March 28, 2006

Crazy Hoolie for ya. What a freakin' goon…. Sorry for the absense, the DSL will be installed Wednesday. Hoo-ray!


5 Responses to “I don’t miss this guy”

  1. Dang it, Erik… ya beat me to it!

  2. geronimo said

    i sure do miss that guy… he’d knock braden looper out halfway through the first round.

  3. Chris said

    I miss his right arm, that’s about it though. Who do you think will take his place as the crazy reliever on the roster? Tavarez did an admirable job filling Steve Kline’s shoes. Who’s next?

  4. My hunch is Wainwright will have a great year and step up. He’s going into the season with a lot of confidence. Though I do think he has much more value as a starter, I feel like I can breath easier with him in the pen.

    I like Thompson, too.

  5. danup said

    Man, he even knows how to punch sidearm. Such versatility!

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