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Reyes screaming for attention/Aaron Miles:A True Underdog Story

Posted by The Right Reverend on April 2, 2006

What do you do if you are a pitcher brimming with talent and don't get recognized for it? You keep doing what you can to get noticed, as Anthony Reyes threw 5 hitless innings today, striking out 7 and walking one. 5 Memphis Redbird pitchers no hit the Met's farm club today. Will Tony LaRussa care? I'm not sure, but I wonder how many of those K's were searing fastballs "up in the zone."

Call Aaron Miles Pete LaFleur, as the underdog won the second base job according to LaRussa.  La Russa said Spivey and Luna "are losing playing time to the guy that was the underdog,"  I've already voiced my irratation, now hear DanUp's outrage.

Braden Looper pitched against his old team again today, and pitched himself to further scorn by Met's fans, blowing the game. He was already frustrating the coaching staff, and I'm sure today didn't help. Youngsters Adam Wainwright and Brad Thompson may find themselves in a bigger role then most imagined this year.


One Response to “Reyes screaming for attention/Aaron Miles:A True Underdog Story”

  1. cardsrul said

    The P-D is saying Walt is shopping for a 2B and the team may be looking to release Spivey, so I’d get used to it…

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