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Mark Buehrle:The Inevitable Cardinal, other stuff

Posted by The Right Reverend on April 2, 2006

Ah, Opening Day. I'm missing the Sox/Tribe battle right now, I'm too cheap to pay for cable…for now.

Saw this over at

"After the 2007 campaign, though, if no new contract has been agreed upon at that time, is Buehrle on his way to St. Louis? General manager Ken Williams joked recently, tongue firmly in cheek, that he figured it was a foregone conclusion. But don't count on Buehrle going anywhere. "He's talked about pitching for St. Louis every offseason as long as I could remember," said Williams with a wry smile of Buehrle. "I just assumed after the 2007 season that he's a Cardinal. "As a matter of fact, I figured the last game of the 2007 season, I would call Walt Jocketty and just get a uniform for him," added Williams, showing he has his own sarcastic side to add to the equation. "I'm not entirely joking, but we will see.""

It's more then alright with me that Buehrle wants to be a Cardinal, and I'll happily buy the jersey for Ken Williams to stick in Buehrle's locker when the time comes.

Baseball Prospectus' Joe Sheehan gives his picks of the NL Central "The Cardinals should decline a bit from their 2004-2005 level, as they are getting older without integrating much young talent. They’re still enough better than a weak field that it won’t matter; they’ll be setting the playoff rotation by mid-September. If there’s a concern, it’s that they’re a bit more reliant on the superstars than they have been in recent seasons; any missed time by Albert Pujols or Jim Edmonds would leave the offense with a major problem. They could have some OBP issues if players like Juan Encarnacion and David Eckstein don’t sustain their 2005 levels."

His NL Central final standings?

Cardinals    94   68      850   730
Reds         83   79      901   879
Cubs         83   79      764   753
Astros       80   82      681   687
Brewers      77   85      710   741
Pirates      67   95      669   788

The Reds? Is Joe aware that this team is starting Scott Hatteberg at 1b and Tony Womack at 2nd? I'm sure Joe's a much smarter guy then me, but I just don't see the Reds over .500, let alone finishing 2nd. I'm also a little suprised at his low assessment of the new darling Brew Crew, though I think he may be right. They got career years out of too many guys for them to improve, let alone repeat .500.

Joe Strauss says Jocketty is still looking for a second basemen, and as of now the Cardinal's don't have their 25-man roster set. I asked Derrick Goold at his blog what he thought, and he said he didn't know of any names on who they are looking at, but speculated on the possibility of Miguel Cairo and Indian bust Brandon Phillips. Myeh. I don't think any of them offer an upgrade, just more of the same of what we have. Phillips has been a major dissappointment and wouldn't cost much more then a bucket of sunflower seeds to get, so I don't see the harm in giving him a shot. He's got tons of athletic ability, but at 25 has yet to put it together

EDIT:Update:According to Derrick Goold and Joe Strauss at the P-D, Spivey is out and Luna is in for tomorrow's game. It looks like Spivey will likely be DFA'd or released.


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