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Two Bass Hit

Posted by The Right Reverend on April 6, 2006

Bring it home Miles…

Uh, Aaron that is. Miles is 5-12 lifetime against Cory Lidle and is currently hitting .556 with a 1.600 OPS. Sample size #'s sure can be fun!

Update:It's the bottom of the 6th an Marquis is getting pulled after giving up his 3rd walk. Same ol' Jason… Juan Encarnacion has left 14 Cardinals stranded on base in his last 2 games, and he's still got a chance to bat a couple more times today. TLR take not and get him the heck out of the #2 hole. In case you are wondering, the record for LOB's in one game is 12 by Todd Helton and ex-Cub Glenn Beckert. Miles has been on base 3 times, with 2 hits and a HBP.


3 Responses to “Two Bass Hit”

  1. The Right Reverend: Sorry to leave you a message through the comments section. I have a writing proposition I would like to discuss with you. If you could e-mail me at your earlies convenience, that would be great. My e-mail address is on my blog or in your WP comments e-mail. Thanks.

  2. Chris Guebert said

    Preach it, brother! Someone get TLR to get Encarnacion out of that No. 2 spot and see how he fares at No. 6 spot. Somewhere last month I read his best career averages have come from that No. 6 spot in the lineup. Right now, he’s hitting like Yadi last April.

    Let’s see what the So and Skip combo can do for a bit in the 2-hole. At least they have ability to make SOMETHING happen–get on base (even if it is just a single) and drive in at least ONE runner (even it is from just a single) and offer some decent base running skills. Of course, Juancarn hasn’t been on base to judge his base running ability.

  3. Thanks for the Miles Davis pic… you’ve just inspired me to put some Miles on the headphones.

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