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Wrap: Cards verses Cubs 4/7

Posted by The Right Reverend on April 7, 2006

Well, that didn't go so well, did it? In case you missed it, it was a 5-1 loss. The Cardinals were only able to muster 4 hits, and the hit Encarnacion reached on could've very easily been ruled an error. The Cubs on the other hand had 9 hits, 8 of them of Jeff Suppan who only pitched 5 innings and also allowed 3 walks. It could've been much uglier for Suppan, who was helped by 3 double plays turned by his infield defense. On the positive side of things, Braden Looper pitched two solid innings, allowing a hit and inducing 5 groundballs. Looper has been in the doghouse with Duncan and LaRussa, so this outing should help his cause in reclaiming the set up role the Cardinals signed him for. Adam Wainwright was also effective out of the pen, inducing a couple of grounders in his one inning pitched and allowing no hits.

Encarnacion continues to disappoint so far, not only at the plate but running the bases and fielding. Today he got doubled off on a fly ball on a baserunning blunder and the he missed a fly ball out he should've easily caught in the field. I dub him "Village Idiot" in the mold of Ruben Sierra.  

Pitchers duel tomorrow, Carp Vs Zambrano. Neither team has hit either pitcher well. John Rodriguez has had success in limited chances against Z, going 4 for 10 with 2 homeruns. I got to believe if Rodriguez is feeling well enough, he'll be starting and hopefully batting second. Both Taguchi and Shumaker went 0-fer in the last 2 games. Don't miss Cardnilly's excellent preview series, as he has the low down on the series and it looks like all the upcoming series this season.


One Response to “Wrap: Cards verses Cubs 4/7”

  1. Chris Guebert said

    A bad game in bad weather. I agree the “hit” by Encarnacion could (should) have been ruled an error. Whatever Spivey had, your “Village Idiot” has caught. At the plate (especially with runners on base), in the field and on the bases (when he actually reaches base). It’s a marathon not a sprint, I know. Molina started off bad last year, I remember. It’s early, yes. But too early to start a “Let’s Dump Encarnacion” campaign? At least I’d be patient with Chris Duncan. I just don’t like JuanEncarn. Never felt he was Cardinals material to begin with. So far, it’s been confirmed.

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