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Cards verses Cubs (4/8/06)

Posted by The Right Reverend on April 8, 2006

PREVIEW: Well, the lineup will take a mulligan today, though they have their work cut out for them going against Zambrano who has held Cardinal batters to a .225/.299/.399 line. On the positive, Cardinal pitcher Chris Carpenter has been even stingier against Cub batters, holding them to .212/.239/.330.

The matchups to look out for-

  • Zambrano verses Carpenter. Zambrano is 5 for 7 against Carp with a double, and can hack for a pitcher.
  • John Rodriguez verses Zambrano. Rodriguez is 4 for 10 against Zambrano with 2 homeruns. If he’s healthy, I’d think he’d be playing.
  • Zambrano verses Jimmy. In 29 Ab’s verses Big Z, Jimmy has fanned in over half of them. 15 k’s. He’s also taken him deep twice, though. But if Jimmy does homer off of Zambrano, he better duck in his next AB.

POSTGAME: Losing happens, but losing a game like this puts me in a bad mood. In 6 innings Carpenter allowed 4 hits, a walk and no runs while he struck out 9. He threw 97 pitches, so LaRussa took him out and gave way to the bullpen, who proceeded to blow it. I can’t neccessarily blame TLR, as he doesn’t want to burn out his ace early in the season, and the pen has been very steady thus far. Between last season and this one, I’m sick of losing to the Cubs, particularly in one run games.

On the positive, it was nice to see Rodriguez get the start, as he continues to dominate Zambrano hitting a double and a single today. It was also nice to see Encarnacion on the bench. Not so nice seeing him make the last out off of the bench, but it happens. Okay, that’s a bit harsh but Skip Schumaker had a nice game in his stead, going two for three, though getting caught stealing early in the game didn’t help.

Like I said, losing like this puts me in a bad mood, so I’m off to see Benchwarmers with Rob Schneider, David Spade and that dude from Napoleon Dynamite. I’m sure it’ll be terrible, but good enough for a few cheap laughs.


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