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Cards another step closer to Ryan Freel?

Posted by The Right Reverend on April 9, 2006

Aaron Miles will eventually come back to earth, and a move that went a little under the radar was Cincinnati picking up Brandon Phillips. How many infielders does this team need? There's a thought he may be traded to Philadelphia to play third, but here's hoping Jocketty can swing a deal for Freel. For real. Freel has already stolen 5 bases this season and is hitting very well.


2 Responses to “Cards another step closer to Ryan Freel?”

  1. Ahhh… St. Louis. New home to wayward souls and drunken drivers.

  2. Chris Guebert said

    I’m not on the Freel wagon. I have a friend who has been a partial season ticket holder in Cincy who says most astute Reds fans will agree that he tends to wear down, his numbers drop and he gets hurt–that he can never seem to play even 150 games in a season. Would Freel be a major improvement over Miles or a Spivey that can get his game together with a few months in Triple A? I’m not sure. Would have been nice if Walt made a better effort to nab Mark Lorretta to add another proven golden glove to go with Rolen and Edmonds–not to mention two future golden glovers in Pujols and Molina. Don’t most baseball people agree it’s important to be strong up the middle?

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