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Shameless Self Promotion

Posted by The Right Reverend on April 9, 2006

I had a little piece over at the Birdhouse today, feel free to check it out. (It's free)


3 Responses to “Shameless Self Promotion”

  1. Chris Guebert said

    I’m anxious to see Big Sid on the mound tonight. It’s an important game this early in the season: Debut on “road to recovery” for Ponson vs. MLB debut for Cubbie hurler; national TV; the need to avoid a sweep by the hated Cubs and avoid a negative vibe heading into the home opener at new ballpark. And one prayer request: that as long as we have to put up with him, your Village Idiot actually does SOMETHING to contribute to a win tonight as he’ll almost certainly return to the lineup against a lefty.

  2. I came across your piece at The Birdhouse. Nice job. I just wish I had a better understanding of all things sabermetric.

  3. Me, too, 26th Man. Me too. I just read Hardball Times and Baseball Prospectus to get a jist of it to be a little dangerous. I don’t fully understand all of it, to say the least.

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