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4/13/06 Brewers @ Cardinals

Posted by The Right Reverend on April 13, 2006

Pregame Lowdown:

I'm looking at Juan E to get hot after going 2 for 4 last night. In 11 at bats against Davis, Encarnacion has hit .455 against the lefty hurler. I also think Jimmy could make some noise, as he has hit Davis very well also in his career, hitting a double, a triple and 2 homeruns against Davis in 12 at bats. Both Jimmy and Encarnacion looked to have bust out of their slump yesterday, and with today's matchup we'll see if they can continue to hit. Pujols has also tormented Davis to the tune of 3 doubles and 2 homeruns in 16 at bats.

Jeff Suppan has done a good job against the Brewers in his career, but is coming off of a bad game and we'll see how he adjusts.

The Lineups-

  1. Clark CF
  2. Cirillo 2B
  3. Jenkins RF
  4. Lee LF
  5. Koskie 3b
  6. Hall SS
  7. Fielder 1B
  8. Moeller C
  9. Davis P

The Home Team

  1. Eckstein SS
  2. Encarnacion RF
  3. Pujols 1B
  4. Rolen 3B
  5. Edmonds CF
  6. Taguchi LF
  7. Luna 2B
  8. Bennett C
  9. Suppan P

In Game Thoughts, Bottom of the 6th: 3-3. David Eckstein made a great play on a line drive with the bases loaded and two outs, robbing Chad Moeller of an RBI oppurtunity and the Brewers a chance to take a big lead. Eckstein led off in the bottom of the inning and hit a triple. Instant Breakfast continued to build on his ugly LOB totals, striking out. Doug Davis pitched around Albert Pujols, and Scott Rolen made them pay by getting a single, scoring Eck and moving Albert to third. Jim Edmonds hit a fly ball deep enough to allow Pujols to tag up and score.

Earlier in the game, Jim Edmonds committed two costly errors. Edmonds has never had 2 errors in a game before, and only had 2 errors all of last season.  

Top of the 11th. Argh! Why, Carlos Lee!? WHY!??! Not only did he rob Encarnacion of a walk-off homerun, he saves a possible extra base hit against Edmonds. Then he homers to lead off against Izzy. I'm not sure what Izzy's issue is, but it looks like he's blown it again.


One Response to “4/13/06 Brewers @ Cardinals”

  1. Ego74 said

    Supposed to be a hot day in St. Louis, ball should be carrying VERY WELL this afternoon

    Look for the Cards to tag the ball hard off Davis all day. Let’s get this sweep!!

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