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Preaching the Gospel of St. Louis Cardinal Baseball

Brew Crew verses Cards 4/12

Posted by The Right Reverend on April 13, 2006

Drink up, Baby! Drink Up! 

Good game tonight. Jimmy hit a "little league" homerun with some help of Geoff Jenkins misplaying the ball and a bad throw by Rickie Weeks as the Cardinals went all Jon Stewart on Bush tonight. The Cardinals bashed Bush to the tune of 7 earned runs in just 6 innings, and even Juan Encarnacion got into the action. Encarnacion went 2 for 4 and scored twice.  Hopefully he is busting out of his slump, though I still hate him in the 2 hole.

Marquis looked okay, striking out 5 and walking none, though throughout the 4th and 5th he struggled with his command by going behind in the count several times, but he didn't cave. He didn't look like the nibbler he once was, and his ground-ball to fly-ball totals were 10-2.

It all starts again tomorrow, Doug Davis verses Jeff Suppan at noon. I'm halfway hoping to see Scott Spiezio get an at bat against Davis in a clash of hideous facial hair.


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