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Interview With Cajun Man

Posted by The Right Reverend on April 15, 2006

I was privileged enough to sit down with the famous Cajun Man for an interview this weekend, and as it turns out he's a big Cardinals fan. Here ya go-

The Right Reverend: So Cajun Man, I'm curious. How did you get to be such a big Cardinal fan all the way in the bayou?

Cajun Man: KMOX radio station.

RR: So you got KMOX all the way down there? Are you upset that the Cardinals moved to KTRS?

CM: Big frustration.

RR:Well, Cajun Man, there are alternatives. Why not get a satellite dish or an XM radio?

CM: Bush Administration.

RR:Cajun Man, you can't just blame the government for your poverty.

CM:That's my rationalization.

RR: Well, you're entitled to your opinion, and I can't say I completely disagree with you. Anyway, I'm interested on your thoughts on the off-season. Was there any signing you liked this winter?

CM:Sidney Ponson.

RR:Interesting choice, that was a controversial signing considering Sidney's off the field problems.

CM:What problems?

RR:Well, he got busted twice for DUI's and he punched a judge in Aruba.


RR:Yeah, Cajun Man it's been a real problem for him.


RR:Well, he's been going to counseling and says he's better. Was their a signing you didn't like this off season?

CM: Juan Encarnacion.

RR: I tend to agree with you there Cajun Man, what is the problem with Juan lately?

CM: Lack of concentration.

RR: What do you think of the new stadium? Have you seen it?

CM: Only on television.

RR: Do you like it?

CM:Exceeds my expectation.

RR: Will you make your way up to St. Louis to see it?


RR:Oh, sorry to hear that Cajun Man, I guess because of that you can't travel out of state. What were you arrested for?

CM:Public intoxication.

RR:You should consider getting help like Ponson.

CM: Hospitalization?

RR:Sure, Cajun Man. Whatever helps. Anyway, what do you think of  the MVP Albert Pujols and the Cy Young winner Chris Carpenter last year?

CM: Domination.

RR:Where do you think the Cardinals will finish this year?

CM:World Champion.


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  1. Simply brilliant, Erik. Congratulation!

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