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Bring on the Buc-O’s

Posted by The Right Reverend on April 17, 2006

Ah, the Pirates. A favorite whipping boy of the Cardinals. Things to watch out for from the Bucs:

  • Joe Randa is struggling right now (.237), but in the last 3 seasons, Randa has terrorized the Cardinals to the tune of .483/1.150.
  • Craig Wilson is hitting pretty well right now with a .333 average and 6 home runs in 38 at bats. He'll be starting at first in the absense of Sean Casey.
  • Jason Bay verses Cardinal pitching- .396/.477/.532 in 111 Ab's.
  • The Bucs are dead last in the NL in team ERA.  6.45. Yikes. Look for the bats to break out against Maholm (7.71), Perez (8.10) and Santos (7.07) 

What to watch out for from the Cardinals:

  • Will they even pitch to Albert? He's red hot right now, and at PNC he's hit .525/.576/.695 with 5 homeruns in 59 ab's the last three seasons. Buster Olney at thinks Albert will begin to see the Bonds treatment the rest of the season. All the more reason Encarnacion and Edmonds need to get it going.
  • Rolen in the last 3 seasons vs. Pittsburgh-.378/.976
  • Eckstein has also hit the Bucs well, .352/.928. Sample sizes sure are fun, ain't they?
  • Jim Edmonds could miss the series. (Shoulder) We should see plenty of So Taguchi, Skip Schumaker, and perhaps John Rodriguez.  J-Rod is 4 for 11 with a homer at PNC.
  • Jason Marquis. He's only walked 3 in 11.1 innings, and has struck out 10.

2 Responses to “Bring on the Buc-O’s”

  1. Daniel said

    Edmonds will miss the series.

  2. Oh, well. Jim has been garbage so far anyway. Hopefully that means Rodriguez will see more time, I read somewhere his shoulder is feeling good now.

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