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Now this is cool.

Posted by The Right Reverend on April 21, 2006

Reds @ Cards 4/16/06

Fangraphs has a new Win Probability graph feature on their site. Here is the "Albert Pujols" game from Sunday, which of course ended with his 2 run walk-off homerun to win the game.  As you can see, the graph was as much as a rollercoaster ride as my emotions and I expect yours were that day.   

Check back here the day after the game, and I'll try and have these babies posted up daily, along with the heroes and goats of the game, a.k.a. who added most to the win probability (in this case Pujols) and who hurt their team the most in the lines of win probability.  (in this case Weathers) Thank you Fangraphs!


3 Responses to “Now this is cool.”

  1. Yo man, these fangraphs are fat!

  2. xyz1 said

    I love WPA on a per game basis also, but I was thinking you probably should explain it and it’s limitations before you show it off. Some might say it’s fairly clear, but presenting stats without explanation is never a good thing.

    I still want to see an error in all stats though, but no one publishes them 😦

  3. I agree. Some stats, especially, are simply not understandable without some explanation.

    The idea behind these win prob. graphs are very good. It is great to see in a such a manner at what point the game really changed.

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