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Insane Rumor of the Day

Posted by The Right Reverend on April 25, 2006

MLB Trade Rumors reports a pretty interesting rumor from Gotham Baseball: The Cubs are shopping Greg Maddux. Potential suitors: Mets, Yankees, Brewers, Phillies, Diamondbacks, Royals, and…the Cardinals? Huh? I'd like Maddux, even the old version Maddux. He currently has a 0.99 ERA in 4 starts, including a recent man-handling of the home team. He's destined to fall to earth sometime, but even when he's on earth he'd look good as the #2 or #3 starter.

Maddux's contract is up at the end of the season, so I sorta can see why the Cubs might be shopping him, but with the two-fifth's of the rotation in the infirmary along with Derrek Lee, it's a bit too early to be waving bye-bye to the season and going into "there's always next year" mode, even for the Cubs. I'd have to assume the Cubs would be looking for a starter who can help them now. I'm not sure we have that, outside of Reyes, and that won't happen. That would be serious Brock for Broglio karma coming back to haunt us.  Also, it seems a bit strange the Cubs would deal within the division with the Cardinals or the Brewers. I'm guessing he stays put, or if he does move I think he heads West.


5 Responses to “Insane Rumor of the Day”

  1. Should I welcome Maddux to the Yankees already, or is it a little bit early for that?

  2. I hear he doesn’t want to pitch in NY. For some reason, my gut says he’ll go to the Dodgers…I’m not sure why, just a guess

  3. MichaelG said

    Doesn’t want to pitch in NY? Why would someone not want to pitch in NY? You will have a fair shot at winning the WS, and come on:… New York, New York I want to wake up, in a city that doesn’t sleep…. and find I’m king of the hill, top of the heap. haha.

    Seriously: Come on man! Yankees have the most (by far may I add) WS championships from every team in the MLB, some of the best players in baseball played for it, and still play for it.. ahwell.

    Today, btw, is my first entire Cardinals game of this season live. Up to today no games were played early, or the Yankees played (I think) at quite the same time.

    Mulder pitching. We’ll see. (Am already watching btw, game started 10 minutes ago already).

    BTW: With a group of friends we ordered baseball stuff from the USA: I got myself a shirt from the Yankees and a cap ánd…
    my first Cardinals cap :-D.

  4. BudweiserIsNasty said

    Dear Reverend, this rumor sounds like a loser. No way do the Cubs trade Maddux. They need something for to cheer about at Wrigley.

  5. Chris Guebert said

    No way can this have even the slightest hint of truth or possibility to it. Cubs can’t afford to trade Maddox for one, and two, Cub fans will crucify Hendry if he does. Mentioning the Cards in the rumor is, to me, laughable. This had to be started by somebody who had too much time on their hands and needed to come up with some copy. Probably a National Enquirer regect reporter.

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