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I moved. Again.

Posted by The Right Reverend on April 27, 2006

I've moved. to Update your bookmarks, por favor. Why did I move from WordPress and all it's fancy free doo-hickey's to have a Typepad Mlblog? Is it because I wanted to pay $5 a month for a Cardinal logo and less functionality?  No.  Trust me, MLB has too much of my $ as it is. And I shouldn't have to pay to adverstise for them. Is it because I'm an idiot? Maybe…But I switched because while WordPress has a lot of cool features, it's also been down a lot, especially this month. I'm sort of sick of not being able to post or edit my blog when I want to, so I'm taking the "30 Day free trial." Actually, I meant to have this message up last night, but WordPress was down and apparently didn't save it. Grrr…

Plus is MC Hammer, Tommy Lasorda  and the Cardinal's own Tony LaRussa are using Mlblogs, then boy, I'd best get on the Mlblogwagon.  Duh, nuh, nuh, nuh…U CAN'T TOUCH THIS!


2 Responses to “I moved. Again.”

  1. winchell said

    Perfect pages… tnx

  2. A lot sucked about it, actually– I was so damn tired yesterday, I just felt like I was a dead woman walking. The best part was lying in bed watching my new DVD of Grey’s Anatomy and deciding not to go to karaoke so I could go to bed early. Click

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